Once again, and for a limited time only, one of the hottest combos in club sound entertainment is back - this time bootleggin' and mashing up Bastard Pop to cram the faithful into their live DJ shows along with those outside the fold.

Cuing up an encore revival of the Boogie Hill Faders, count on fugitive DJ aliases Nitro and Big D to deliver a throbbing mix-mash of hot party tracks in rhythmic, dance-inspired house music; bottle-fed at the Asylum Club in London and bottom-powdered at Flyer for Bootie in San Francisco.

Representing a fresh blend of the most infectious and eclectic styles - both sexy and edgy - the ageless dynamic duo are lending a huge energy-charged riff to late-night fare. To get a party crowd busting through your doors and up and going, expect solid grooves, multi-layered arrangements and innovative studio mixes from these immortal turntable heavy-hitters.

With such a vast wealth of content, there's a little of something for everyone: nostalgia for those who recall the originals, sing-a-long hooks for fans of modern and old-school rap, an anarchistic attitude and element of danger for the bad boy aesthetic, and enough uber-precise slicing and dicing to thrill the kiddie wannabe DJs they've lured to your shop that night.

Masters of the latest frontiers in electronic dance music and its rapidly changing technology, Nitro and Big D don't just play the mashups and remixes, they create them live from their mindboggling music credentials and leading-edge club scene experience.

If you haven't had a chance to book their show for your dance crowd, you better move quickly.

Pat Bell